The New iPod Touch: Keeping You Connected


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The new iPod Touch is the ultimate in connected experiences. The days of our grandparents’ unwanted isolation is gone. Today, you can keep in touch with family, friends, and special others anytime, anywhere.

Right out of the box the new iPod Touch has special features that keep you connected with video chat calling (as easy as one to two button presses) and a multimedia experience that supports it. The high resolution screen ensures that you do not miss out on any of the action (whether its tucking a child in, showing off a new pair of shoes you are considering purchasing, or playing a prank in a university flat). The colors and pixel density of the new iPod are beyond anything seen on iPod before–in fact, the pixel density is literally so high, that your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels!

Put those pixels to good use with video capturing and editing. That’s right, not only can you capture stunning hig-def videos with your new iPod, but you can complete basic editing right there on the screen before sharing your video with your friends–all from the comfort of your new iPod.

The features do not stop there. New games and a game center for downloading are included. The game center is also focused on connectedness, allowing you to find friends easily and compete in head to head matches on your favourite games. Anyone who has sat in a room full of people tapping away on their new iPods knows that you will not want to be left out of any part of this multimedia experience. Scores are kept and challenged in a variety of games, and you decide which ones you like, and which ones you want to challenge your friends in.

With the new iPod, your music is more accessible than ever before, too. Automatically create playlists from your favourite songs, download music directly from iTunes, and see what your friends are listening to.

Whatever you are doing with the new iPod touch, you will not be bored.

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